Jeb’s Most Awkward, Dignity-Losing, Cringey Moments: The Definitive Guide

Jeb’s Most Awkward, Dignity-Losing, Cringey Moments: The Definitive Guide

Jeb Bush's awkward moments

Jeb Bush (Photo: Elise Amendola /The Associated Press)

By Katherine Krueger
Talking Points Memo
February 4, 2016


Long considered the heir apparent in the 2016 Republican race, Bush is now campaigning like a man with nothing left to lose. He’s been polling in the mid-to-lower tier of the still-crowded GOP field for months. He finished a disappointing sixth in the Iowa caucuses, more than 20 points behind Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump, and shelled out nearly $3,000 for each vote he earned there.

But Bush’s fall from grace hasn’t been boring. The candidate who once pledged to “joyfully” campaign now regularly cracks self-aware jokes about his less-than-stellar standing in the race. These moments from the campaign trail are captivating, mostly because it’s difficult to discern whether they capture genuine humiliation or showcase Bush’s famously dry wit. …

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