Author: Aubrey Immelman

Index of Studies Conducted at the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics

Partial index of psychological studies of U.S. presidents and presidential candidates, foreign leaders, and leading terrorist figures conducted at the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics.

Clinton on Ballot Tests Voter Views on Gender

Summary: Political discourse in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president illustrates our country still struggles with gender issues. But is this because we are by nature sexist, or are our brains simply hardwired to be critical of women leaders?

Trump’s Personality Could Win, Except …

Summary: Donald Trump’s primary personality patterns are ambitious / exploitative (a measure of narcissism), and outgoing / impulsive (a measure of extraversion). Secondarily, Trump exhibits a dominant / controlling pattern, supplemented by dauntless / adventurous and contentious / resolute tendencies — a personality composite best labeled a “high-dominance charismatic.”

Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

Psychological Profile of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein’s psychology can be described in terms of the syndrome of “malignant narcissism.” The core components of this syndrome are pathological narcissism, antisocial (psychopathic) features, paranoid traits, and unconstrained aggression.