CNN/ORC Poll: Clinton Tops Trump on Presidential Traits

CNN/ORC Poll: Clinton Tops Trump on Presidential Traits

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Photo credit: Nigel Parry / CNN

Nigel Parry / CNN

By Jennifer Agiesta
March 24, 2016

If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the respective front-runners in the race for the Democratic and Republican nominations for president, wind up leading their respective parties into the general, voters nationwide think Clinton would most likely win in the November election, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. …

Overall, 56% say they think Clinton would win a match-up between the two leading candidates in November while 42% say Trump would take it. Democratic voters are more convinced that Clinton would win (87% say she would) than Republicans are about Trump (75% say he would win), and Republican voters who aren’t currently backing Trump are particularly skeptical of his chances. Among that group, 40% say Clinton would win, 57% Trump, vs. 92% of Trump supporters who think he would win in November.

An earlier release from the same survey found Clinton ahead of Trump in a hypothetical general election match-up, 53% to 41% among registered voters. …

Both of the two front-runners — Clinton and Trump — are viewed unfavorably by a majority of registered voters nationwide, with 57% having a negative take on Clinton and 65% on Trump….

Just 34% of adults in the new poll have a positive view of the party, 61% negative. …

More have a positive take on the Democrats, 50% overall, with 45% saying they have an unfavorable view. …

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